World Cup McDonald's - Gol!

This online film was part of an integrated campaign for the 2014 FIFA World Cup  where you could play trick shots by downloading an AR game from QR codes built into McDonald's packaging. It was voted the best film of the tournament. 

DFT - Man in a pint glass

Man Trapped in a Pint Glass was an experiential event that generated huge media coverage for a minimal investment. The idea captured the imagination with a showstopper of a photo opportunity, backed up with leaflets handed out at the locations.

ViiV Health - Spark 17

ViiV Healthcare was running a workshop for young influencers at the Sentebale School in Lesotho to give them helpful tools in the fight against HIV. This film ran on the ViiV website and opened the event to the gathering from across Africa and Asia.

TUI - Thompson change to TUI

In changing their branding to TUI, Thompson risked losing the many decades of service related good will they had built up. My simple line 'We cross the T's, dot the I's and put U in the middle' helps them to keep that message in all of their comms.

Costa - #tasteparadise

Every year, Costa in the UAE import a limited edition roast from the Paradise Street Roastery to tempt their regulars to spend a little more as a change from their regular blend. This online film helped them sell out halfway through the promotion.

RiverTribe Magazine - VT

RiverTribe is a local magazine covering the stretch of the Thames between Teddington and Barnes. Put together by Malcolm Creative, Tony writes a regular spread covering mental health issues under the pseudonym Vocal Tone.