A small range of TV Ad's created over the years

Nike 'Parklife'

Park Life

Voted into the top 15 of the best 100 commercials of the last millennium by readers of The Daily Telegraph, this ad gave grass roots footie credentials to an American brand. trailing behind the likes of Umbro and Adidas. Nike is now the No1 selling football brand in the UK.

Crunchy Nut 'Chocolatier'

Crunchy Nut Ad

One of a series of commercials demonstrating the irresistible taste of Crunchy Nut Flakes.  This one features the chocolate curls variant and was set in 18th Century France. Even the fear of Madame Guillotine isn't enough to curtail that desire for that chocolatey allure.

MTV 'Eggcentric'

On MTV and VH1 channels, they cross promote different channels to different audiences. This ad for MTV Hits, tells the story of an obsessive egg eater. Why so many eggs? For the boxes to sound proof his living room so he can enjoy his favourite channel with the sound turned to the max.

Think! 'Moment of Doubt'

Showing blood and guts in drink drive commercials was proving not to be a deterrent to young men. They didn't regard themselves as 'drunk' drivers. This commercial showed them the consequences of being caught after as few as two pints behind the wheel. It worked a treat.

COI 'Beryl'

The Learning and Skills Commission (LSC) was formed to skill up Britain for a more competitive future. Maths, although crucial to business, created real anxiety in people. We identified the source of that fear and tackled it under the theme 'Our Future, it's in Our Hands'. Our heroine was Beryl.

Pimms 'Summertime'

Pimm's. The ultimate British Summer drink. But why only save it for when the sun comes out? Using the laconic track of Ella Fitzgerald's 'Summertime', we created the deception of a woman basking in sunshine, but revealed she was under a sun ray lamp on a winters day. Time for a Pimm's.